Camera Repairs / Servicing

Camera Repairs / Servicing

Alex Photo Singapore specializes in Camera Repairs / Servicing.  Alex is very experienced in Camera and Lens repairs and servicing.  Especially relevant are the many satisfied customers who had their cameras and lenses repaired at Alex Photo in Singapore.  Getting your photographic equipment serviced or repaired at Alex Photo is probably your best value proposition.

Camera Repairs / Servicing: Your camera gear will be serviced quickly, professionally and for a good price. Alex certainly knows how to help you.

We welcome you to submit an enquiry to have your Camera and/or Lenses Serviced or Repaired.

Please give us details about your Camera or Lens (Make and Model) and then highlight what the problem is. The more details that you provide, the easier it is for us to quickly help you. If more than one item, please provide information on each item.

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